Modern Fire

An industrial chic fire sculpture on your own terrace — why not? Located in Silicon Valley, this Finned Ellipse visualizes the explosive nature of fire, yet tames it for safe and practical use. Crafted from weather-resistant Corten steel louvres that frame a high-performance burner, it creates both a calming and energizing impression for the outdoor space. Jack Chandler, Landscape Architect, Louie Leu, Architect.

Engaging the Space

With a weight of 400 LBS, 96” long, 23” wide and 16” high, the feature is ideal for large, open outdoor areas. With a custom concrete slab and in-ground ignition, it is bold in its design, yet subtle in its functionality.

A grand view deserves a grand scale. While the overall silhouette is large, its finned panels and gentle curves work with its environment without overpowering it.

The Process

All work is built as a 3D model using the CAD program Rhino and approved by the client by viewing renderings of the piece in situ. All of our Corten pieces are sandblasted to remove the heavy, oily mill scale, which creates an even, textured ground to begin the oxidation process. Corten steel is called weathering steel and will rust over and eventually stabilize and oxidize very slowly. One of the challenges of any larger scale fire feature is the installation. Great care was taken in pre-planning the design, method of fabrication, and transport so the installation could be achieved efficiently