frequently asked questions
No. The Firebowls are nationally certified by OMNI_Test Laboratory to ANSI Standard Z21.97-2012 and CSA standard 2.41-2012. Custom features may be site certified at an additional cost that is determined by the style of feature, venue, and to what standards are required.
Our fire features can be set up to operate on natural gas, propane, as well as butane or gelled alcohol and ethanol.
1. Standard manual pilot ignition system – This system is where the control panel and manually operated controls are mounted on the feature itself and visible from one direction. In the case of our Firebowls, models with the side mounted control system are nationally certified.

2. Remote manual pilot ignition system – This system includes a control box that is connected at arms length to the feature and usually located in the ground in front of the feature or imbedded in a concrete base. Additional costs will apply.

3. Electronic ignition system – The feature is free of controls. All controls are located in a box which can be placed anywhere within 200ft of the feature. Cost is an additional $7,500, plus the cost of running electric to the site.

4. Battery operated ignition system – For indoor fireplaces only. Designed for when no electrical has been provided to an indoor fireplace.
Manual pilot ignition refers to the on/off system on a gas powered fire feature that must be lit manually by holding down a pilot button with one hand, and igniting a pilot light using a barbecue lighter with the other hand.

Electronic Ignition refers to the on/off system on a gas powered fire feature that requires an 110V electrical line run to the feature and a control box for the power switch and solenoid valves that controls the ignition of the fire feature. The control box may be located up to 200ft away from the fire feature.
Corten steel is also called “weathering steel” and is a structural/architectural/sculptural grade of carbon steel.

Corten steel will begin rusting almost immediately, and will stabilize within a few months (depending on the weather conditions on site) and stop rusting.

Note: Corten steel may leave rust streaks on the surface below it; we recommend mounting the Firebowl on a bed of gravel, or a dark surface if that is an issue.
L refers to a Firebowl with a standard lip (the 68" model).
LL refers to a Firebowl with a little lip (the 45" and 54" models).
NL refers to a firebowl with no lip.

There is no price difference between the lip styles of Firebowls of the same diameter.
No. There is only one sensor per electronic ignition system to measure the heat.
Yes. We offer remotes for $300.
Checks and wire transfers only.
It depends on the feature, but typically 8-14 weeks.