Best of the Year
September 15, 2021

These images were taken of the fabrication and installation of our recent North Haven installation, which has been in the works since February of 2015.

Conceptually, the starting point for the insert shown here is a customized version of our Leaning Branch Wall (similar to our Blue Jay Way insert in Hollywood, California). As can be seen in the images, the North Haven piece boasts a 360° viewing angle, with even the most minute detail observable from a close distance.

Like the leaning Branch Wall mentioned above, many of our inserts are fabricated on-site. The North Haven installation, however, was crafted in our shop studio. Upon completion, the installation measured 9’ in length, 2’ wide, and 3’ in height. The “branches” are actually polished stainless steel rods of different lengths and diameters with the ends beveled.

Customizing our work to suit client tastes is an incredibly rewarding part of bringing any Fire Feature installation to fruition. Although we’re delighted to recreate any installation from our existing portfolio for our clients, we also enjoy rising to the challenge of crafting installations that capture each client’s unique wishes.

Admittedly, we can’t take all of the credit for the success of the North Haven installation. The project was actually one of several recent collaborations with the innovative and creative Blaze Makoid Architecture.

Artistically and practically, it’s always a pleasure to work in tandem with the architect before construction on a project is completed. In such instances, we can cooperate on design elements early on, enjoying an extra amount of freedom in integrating our concepts into the desired space. Additionally, collaboration with the architect helps us to avoid planning issues that might need retrofitting later down the road.

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